Crosby Beach

13/10/2016 07:07

I discovered 'The Write Practice' a little while ago. Now and again, I look up an article and use the prompt at the end. Yesterday's article was about how writing poetry can make you a better writer. Poetry is most definitely not my 'thing' but the point of prompts is to take you outside your comfort zone. So, here goes...

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We're going to the beach! Hooray!

In the rain...

Are you sure? Never more so

At least it will be quiet I suppose


We walk past miserable gulls

That have no choice

But to face the wind and rain

To simply sit it out


We walk past ducks and geese

Look! Two swans!

Crowded into what seems to be

A too-small pond


We step across

Slippery rocks

The umbrella leaves me unbalanced

Whilst you just race across


We walk past a family

Their spaniel bouncing through the water

Slowing but not stopping

Enjoying the scene


And now for the sandhills

You've been waiting for them

Wanting to scramble up and over

The thrill of discovery


Finally! We've reached the sand

You build castles by hand

I wander the high tide mark

What will I find?


Shells and seaweed

Occasional driftwood

Stones rubbed smooth

By endless waves


The rain is coming down again

And it's getting late

Time to turn for home

And hearth and heart


Crosby Beach


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Date: 13/10/2016 | By: Syd

Liked the poem Rose. Good mix between misery (of birds) and joy. Those who live there not enjoying it but those visiting are. Bit of a rollercoaster feel between the two. Also made me curious about who 'we' consists of - figured it could be a child, then a dog, then an adult - could also be internal dialogue with self.

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