Story ideas


One character forgives another - for what?    The forgiven character is devestated - the hatred that existed between them was what sustained them.   How do they continue to live without it - or at least with only half of it. Two characters (cop & robber?) clash a number of...


Character belongs to a religious group - cloistered? very devout settlement?   Sees issues - or visions?   Entering of the supernatural into 'natural' life. Novel - Main character is a foundling raised by a convent.   She is told she will have to leave as she is not suitable...

New world

First contact with a new world - empty of sentient life?   existing cultures?   cultures that the landing party didn't expect?

Existing characters

My own 'fanfic'.   Narcissistic?   Probably, but I'll know them without searching for them!


A truly pacifist society.   One group invades and occupies another (maybe two countries on the same planet, may be different planets).   Not set on Earth. The occupied group tried armed resistance but innocent people were killed as a result and they agreed to stop. Strict controls...


Short story A man escapes after committing a murder.   Who has he killed?   Why?  He still has the murder weapon (knife?) but is reluctant to part with it as he might need it (lost in wilderness?). He is alone in a snowy wood - footprints filled in. A short distance away a...

Coming of age

Novel A boy (Arrak) who lives in a hunter-gatherer society takes part in the coming of age/rite of passage of his society His mother (Athien) is dead - he lives with his father, older brother (Akkan) and older sister (Enier) His older brother has teased him about how long it has...

It could be you

Short story A woman wins a small but (for her) significant amount of money that affects her in ways she would never have imagined