Nano nano everywhere

01/12/2013 21:35

So, this year's Nano wasn't the greatest thing I've ever written.   It wasn't terrible - it just wasn't a great novel.

It did prompt me to look up some of my older manuscripts, though, and the one from 2007 - Today is not a day for heroes - is worth salvaging.   The last two chapters are very condensed and could probably be at least another five chapters.   When I write a Nanonovel, I like to tell the whole story even if that means chopping bits out.   So, task one for December is to do some work on that manuscript - tidy up the typos, expand the last two chapters.   But maybe I can take the whole thing further, really go in depth?   Let's start with the tidy up, though.

The other thing I want to try is doing the little prompts and competitions over at with a set of characters I'm developing for next year's Nano (you can never start too early!).   I'm planning a gothic novel of amazing proportions, so watch this space.