Not selling the short story short

02/12/2012 21:50

So, I managed 6 short stories in November.   Not prolific but I learned a few things.

  1. Short stories are not easier to write than long ones!
  2. I can write short stories as long as I remember point 1.
  3. I can write in different genres - including romance.
  4. Having a notebook for jotting down ideas doesn't seem to help much.
  5. I can make time for writing in the midst of ordinary life if I try.

In general, I've found the exercise a satisfying one, if only because it's possible to turn out a whole story in one sitting.   However, it still has to be about something - perhaps even more so than a full-length novel.   The characters must appear fully formed - there's very little time for development, after all!   And some form of twist or 'reveal' at the end can really make the story.

I also enjoyed having each story begin in the same way and then watch as they diverted in so many different directions.   I failed miserably at the common objects thing, though - but it should be fairly easy to pop them in during editing.

Next job is to go in and edit them all.   I really want to see if I can rescue the first couple (they were accused of being plotless by one reader) and at least give them decent endings.   'Hit me baby one more time' I'd like to submit to Shotgun Honey, but it needs a bit of tidying up, first.   'Everything changes but you' is probably the best, but isn't yet perfect.   And I have another idea rattling round my head but it will have to live outside the Nasho collection.

It's been an interesting exercise.   Here's to more short stories!

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