The Process of Creating a Novel - Part 4

24/01/2020 13:16

Today, we move on to plotting, the thing that your story is actually about!

At its most basic, this is the beginning, middle and end of your story.  But most novels will have at least one sub-plot, perhaps several.  And if it's a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, the sub-plots will all turn out to be part of the main plot, after all.  Don't ask me how he did that, by the way.  He was a bone fida genius, on a plane of existance I can only apire to.

But here's what I do know - how I create and manage my plot.  Again, I use a tool created by someone else - which I've just searched for and can't find...  So, apologies but I can't give the right credit.  

What I have found, however, are a number of much better descriptions than this one of how to go about plotting a novel, so I'm going to cop out of this one and just give you some links.  Hopefully, something in this list will resonate with you!

Annie Neugebauer

Jericho Writers