A truly pacifist society.   One group invades and occupies another (maybe two countries on the same planet, may be different planets).   Not set on Earth.

The occupied group tried armed resistance but innocent people were killed as a result and they agreed to stop.

Strict controls on their movements - need papers - have to pass through checkpoints to do anything (eg, man is stopped from going to work because he can only leave his village 3 times a week and he has already done so - the fact that on two of these occasions he was visiting his wife in hospital is irrelevant - he cannot, therefore, work this week and his family will be hungry)

Occupiers see themselves as benevlolent - they provide basic rations - they are sqeezing the occupied people into smaller and smaller areas

Occupied increasingly frustrated - threats of violent resistance - desire justice

How are the two societies orgainised?   Are there collaborators?   Is there a third party that can help?   Can the occupied group try passive resistance?