Character belongs to a religious group - cloistered? very devout settlement?   Sees issues - or visions?   Entering of the supernatural into 'natural' life.

Novel - Main character is a foundling raised by a convent.   She is told she will have to leave as she is not suitable to become a novice.   Before she can leave, the convent is attacked by invaders.   Only a handful of the residents - foundlings, novices, nuns survive.   Main character emerges as the group's leader.

Short story - incident from earlier in the character's life.   Misses Evensong and preparations for supper - claims she was praying, thanking God for the pretty flowers in the meadow where she was playing.   Is still punished - more severely for neglecting her duty to her sisters in helping to prepare supper.   Exploration of religion - the formal and informal, spiritual and practical.