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Astrid and the Dragon

25/02/2015 07:38
Another story in response to a prompt at Blackship Books. ----------------------------------- An afternoon playing in the hot sun had left Astrid with a pounding head and a churning stomach, and her mother had sent her to lie down in the hammock under the apple trees. Sunlight and shadows played...

Rebels of the Golden Cage

08/02/2015 09:01
My response to the latest prompt at Blackship Books. -------------------------------------------------- Jewel sank into one of the body-con chairs in her living room, feeling the cushions adjust themselves around her. In her hand was Esther, her home-made device that she had hoped would make her...

I dream of Mars

31/01/2015 14:32
The latest prompt from Blackship Books was to write a story around the them 'only a dream' - you can get the details here. Here's my response. I hope you like it! ------------------------------------------------- When people asked Charlotte what she wanted to do when she grew up, she told them, “I...

Seeking the sun

25/01/2015 09:04
Sunlight was a rare commodity in the Alexandria Slums. There were some people who spent their entire lives without seeing it. Of course, they were particularly unfortunate; most Slummers managed to get out to the Barrens at least once a week to feel the sun on their skin, to breath free air, to...

Will you marry me?

13/01/2015 07:38
“Sally Hunter... will you marry me?” “Yes, yes, yes! Of course I will!!!” Sally's new fiance slipped the ring he was holding onto her finger and she gazed at it, enraptured. “It's beautiful. I'll never take it off! I'm going to call my parents!” She pressed a button on the side of her watch and a...

A deal with a genie

04/01/2015 21:38
This story is the response to another prompt at Blackship Books. If you like it, drop me an email! ------------------------------------- When Benny was six, he made a deal with a genie. During the next twenty years, he sometimes wondered if the incident had really happened, or if it was just the...

New Year on the Moon

30/12/2014 16:33
Another story created in response to a prompt from Blackship Books. I've done some actual research for this one, on time zones and Mandarin Chinese - I hope that you're impressed! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first problem that the...

The Spirit of Christmas Presents

18/12/2014 07:31
This story was written in response to the latest Flash Tales prompt at Blackship Books. Hope you enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was the Saturday before Christmas and Jocelyn was beginning to panic....

Night Terrors

27/10/2014 20:20
OK, this is the last flash fiction story from Black Ship Books that I'll be writing until December. Remember to let me know what you think! ---------------------------------------------------- Annabelle listened to the blood drip. Her sister had told her to stop imagining things but she knew what...

Flash Tales - Week 6

20/10/2014 20:24
This week's tale is full of twists and turns - hope you like it!   Remember to check out Black Ship Books for more info.
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