I am a woman now

22/09/2015 07:43
The latest prompt from Black Ship Books concerns taboos. The menarche (pronounced men-ar-KEE), or onset of periods, has been near to my heart since the day I became a woman and my mother failed to share my excitement. I've been reading 'I'm on my way running', which reflects on how different...

This night of all nights

12/09/2015 14:41
New prompt at Black Ship Books/ 3F. Here's my offering. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Why, on this night of all nights, must it begin again? The whispering ran along the walls, just under Mitchell's level of hearing but not beyond his awareness. The hairs on...

Remember that time...?

10/09/2015 07:36
It's been a while since I wrote a short story but you know that when I do, it's going to be in response to a prompt over at Black Ship Books! So, here it is. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The buzzing of her 'phone woke Sam from a deep sleep. She checked the name...

What remains

19/07/2015 08:45
Another story written in response to a prompt at Blackship Books. Do let me know what you think! ---------------------------------------------------- If Pflatraa had not been revising for her advanced mathematics exam, she would never have seen the meteor. It had streaked across the sky, its orange...

One step ahead

28/06/2015 08:25
Another story written in response to a prompt over at Black Ship Books. Hope you enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It started out as such an ordinary day. I was sitting by the window gazing out over the little communal...
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