Falling Apart

26/03/2015 14:09
Some bad luck is in the air for the latest prompt from Blackship Books! --------------------------------------------- Ever have one of those days when you really, really need everything to go right and instead it all goes horribly wrong? I had one of those days recently. When the date for the...


03/03/2015 07:14
Another response to a prompt from Black Ship Books. It's very short... ----------------------------- Darkness. Silence. Emptiness. Loneliness. All is dark and silent; silent and empty; empty and lonely. Is this all there is? But what could possibly be beyond the here and now? Where else is there...

Astrid and the Dragon

25/02/2015 07:38
Another story in response to a prompt at Blackship Books. ----------------------------------- An afternoon playing in the hot sun had left Astrid with a pounding head and a churning stomach, and her mother had sent her to lie down in the hammock under the apple trees. Sunlight and shadows played...

Rebels of the Golden Cage

08/02/2015 09:01
My response to the latest prompt at Blackship Books. -------------------------------------------------- Jewel sank into one of the body-con chairs in her living room, feeling the cushions adjust themselves around her. In her hand was Esther, her home-made device that she had hoped would make her...

I dream of Mars

31/01/2015 14:32
The latest prompt from Blackship Books was to write a story around the them 'only a dream' - you can get the details here. Here's my response. I hope you like it! ------------------------------------------------- When people asked Charlotte what she wanted to do when she grew up, she told them, “I...
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