Night Terrors

27/10/2014 20:20
OK, this is the last flash fiction story from Black Ship Books that I'll be writing until December. Remember to let me know what you think! ---------------------------------------------------- Annabelle listened to the blood drip. Her sister had told her to stop imagining things but she knew what...


20/10/2014 20:22
This is my responst to the latest prompt at Black Ship Books.   Do let me know what you think of it! --------------------------------------------- You know those stories that begin, 'Once up on a time...' and are all about cursed princesses trapped in towers or beautiful girls living in...

Rite of passage

15/10/2014 07:49
The latest prompt from Black Ship Books resulted in this. It kind of meets the brief... Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think! -------------------------------------------------------------------------   Take three teenagers, a long summer evening and a broken games...

For they shall inherit...

07/10/2014 07:31
It's week four of the flash tales challenges at Black Ship Books, and this week we're looking to the future. Here's my offering - please let me know what you think! ------------------------------- “Haven't you finished with that, yet?” snapped my grandmother, tweaking the bottom corner of the...

The Sacrifice

27/09/2014 13:59
Another prompt from Black Ship Books - remember to leave a comment! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   The day has finally arrived, the day when they will sacrifice my little darling. This is the day she was born for; this...
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