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Welcome back!

08/10/2019 06:57
I have returned! After neglecting my blog shamefully, I have returned to breathe some life in to it. Mostly, this is because my first novel, The Curse of Mannerley Manor, is about to go in to print at long, long last.  I will put up the link for ordering a copy in due course.  In the...

Time for a refresh!

07/10/2019 07:10
Now that I am publishing my first novel - The Curse of Mannerley Manor (remember you can buy it on!) - I felt it was time to give this site a bit of an overhaul. Please feel free to have a wander around and if you see something you like, be sure to leave a comment in my Guest Book!

NaNo Horror!

22/10/2016 08:47
This is my response to the latest prompt at Black Ship Books and Flash Fiction Friday. The prompt is to write a horror story featuring the following: writer, 50.000, month, goal and winner. This isn't a horror story as such, but it does feature the horror that every writer - perhaps every creative...

Crosby Beach

13/10/2016 07:07
I discovered 'The Write Practice' a little while ago. Now and again, I look up an article and use the prompt at the end. Yesterday's article was about how writing poetry can make you a better writer. Poetry is most definitely not my 'thing' but the point of prompts is to take you outside your...

Something new

13/10/2016 06:58
Today's prompt from the Write Practice was to write poetry. Not my comfort zone by any means but check out the result - Crosby Beach - under 'Stories'!

Preparing for Autumn

08/10/2016 23:07
This week's prompt from Black Ship Books and F3. We want you to take us to that other world – to that other reality, where animals speak, fairies fly, and magic is everywhere. Include the following words in your story: Autumn, portal, potion, kingdom, and...

A new beginning

29/09/2016 07:11
The latest prompt from Blackship Books and Flash Fiction Friday.   Use the first sentence of the first full paragraph on page 5 of the book you're currently reading.   The book is 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley. The sentence comes from page 24 of the book but it's the fifth page of the...

My Perfect Sister

07/08/2016 16:08
Another week, another prompt from Black Ship Books and F3. This time, we're exploring the relationship between sisters. This is also the first outing for the MC from my Nanowrimo for this year, Security Chief Sharmia Langley. Please let me know what you...

Her part in the game

03/08/2016 22:43
Yay! A new piece for Flash Fiction Friday, hosted by Black Ship Books and F3. This week, the prompt is for a mystery story. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think in the comments. ------------------------------------------------------------- When she opened the safe, it was empty....

The Monster

03/03/2016 07:37
Another story written in response to a prompt at Blackship Books and F 3. A bit shorter than usual but I think it works. Do let me know what you think! -------------------------------------------------------- I remember the day The Monster came and took my sister's life. She was young and...
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